Gifts for Children

Activity books jam packed with fun and games to keep children happy - hours of fun for them, a bit of peace and quiet for you.

The Birthday Party Test

A selection of gifts that all pass the birthday party test with flying colours, so you can relax regardless of how well you know the parents!

Perfect 1st Birthday Gift

Designed by busy parents for busy parents, winner of both Practical Parenting and Gift of the Year Awards, it makes a wonderful and guilt free gift for new parents.

Unique Gift Idea

Everything you could possibly need to start sending beautiful letters. A great gift for children of all ages, but especially the younger ones before they get too addicted to screens.

Featured Product

For those who, like us, love films and stationery, well you're in luck. Famous film quotes given a stationery twist. Can you match the quote to the film?

If having three babies in a single year doesn’t an expert in child wrangling make, we’re not sure what does. Skills that are most needed at weddings when you’d rather not have sugar filled critters running around whilst your dad is making you cry during his speech. Having been asked a number of times by wedding publications to advise on ways to keep them happy, we’re very proud of our range of gifts, favours and activity books for the little darlings.