1st to 18th Birthday Book

The Birthday Yearbook won Gift of the Year from the Giftware Association and a Practical Parenting award and is still one of the products we are most proud of creating.  Ideal for any parent who is too busy for those questionnaire type baby books that end up being abandoned, quite rightly, because who has got the time to document every tooth ache, head bump and stool of their child?

This book, which spans the 1st to 18th birthday, begins with the birth, start at the beginning as they say, nothing complex just the bare facts and a photograph.  Then each year has one double page spread for the actual birthday, whether it's being handed around a table at a birthday party for guests to sign or a few select special people are asked to write a message, it's up to you, its completely flexible, there's space for one photo from the day, and then it's over to the parents who get their own say on the year that's just gone and they write about the year as a whole, key events and their hopes for the year ahead.

Each year as they get older you will have your own tradition of when the book comes out and gets signed and a photograph stuck in, and by the time they get to 18 years old, you can hand over, in a this is your life moment, a book full of special memories that they will treasure forever and one day show they own children.


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