1st to 50th Wedding Anniversary Book

The perfect gift for your 1st wedding anniversary, the traditional gift for first wedding anniversaries being paper, presumably because the newly married couple are still recovering from the expense of their wedding, this 1st to 50th wedding anniversary memory book begins with 'How we met' (both partners get to write their own version of that story - should be interesting), there's a double page spread to cover the wedding, and then each anniversary you simply grab your album, put in one photograph, either from the anniversary or from the best moment during that year and you each spend five minutes writing about the best things that happened that year and what your promises are to each other next year.  

Within a few years, you'll have only spent a handful of minutes writing in your book, but you'll spend hours looking back on those precious memories shared together.

Take a little time today to make some memories that will last a lifetime.