This is my day as a pageboy - keepsake book

This is my day as a pageboy - keepsake book

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It's called 'This is my Day as a Pageboy' and it's part activity book, part memory keepsake book.

It's a really fun activity book that turns in to a wonderful keepsake photo album for your little pageboy.

An activity book that gives them a mission to complete throughout the day, capturing photos, drawing pictures and writing answers to questions like "What you liked best about being a Pageboy?"

It let's your Pageboy record the role he played in your special day in photographs, words and drawings.

It will result in a totally unique reflection of their personality at that moment in time, and is sure to be super cute and something to be cherished once complete.

And to top it all off you get to see your wedding through a child's eyes with a gift of real memories that will be a joy to look back on.