geek - pencil set
geek - pencil set

geek - pencil set

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Pencils perfect for anyone who is a geek and proud of it.

Just so we're clear, that's anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory and thinks Sheldon is a funny guy, anyone who plays World of Warcraft, Dugneons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering or spends so much time on their computer that they have to keep the charger plugged in.  You know who you are!

So you've got the notebook, you just need to write the plan! What better tool than these funky pencil sets. The perfect accompaniment to your 'Im going to...' notebook.

Or just a great set of pencils that will remind you just why you're doodling.

Each pencil has it's matching inspirational inscription to get the creative juices flowing.

Six pencils with erasers attached