ridiculously rich - pencil case
ridiculously rich - pencil case
ridiculously rich - pencil case
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ridiculously rich - pencil case

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What is it: 

  • Pencil Case
  • Aspirational slogan
  • Colourful inside

What is it for:

  • Storing all your pencils, pens, rubbers and rulers.  Obviously.
  • A novelty gift to any budding billionnaire.
  • Someone who wants to be really rich and is proud of it.
  • It's original and not something you'll see everyone else with.

Why we love it: 

  • It's a burst of colourful when you open it.
  • It adds colour and attitude to any stationery collection.
  • Whether it's an adult wanting to start their own business or a child with big dreams this is a useful way of showing support for them.

Colourful, cool and unique, stand out from the crowd with this gift.

We all have that particular person in our life who has either made it financially or who simply has charisma and capitalism coursing through their veins.  If Del Boy needed a pencil case, this is what you'd give him!

Perfect for a school bag or a handbag.

PVC Pencil case with sturdy zip enclosure and very funky stripes to add a splash of colour to your stationery collection.