I can spot in town - 2 in 1 card game
I can spot in town - 2 in 1 card game
I can spot in town - 2 in 1 card game
I can spot in town - 2 in 1 card game
Two Little Boys Ltd

I can spot in town - 2 in 1 card game

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This pack of children's cards are designed to be used to play I Can Spot when out and about and Pairs when indoors.  So whether it's a sunny day and you're out for a long walk that the children are struggling to remain upbeat about, give them these cards and set them on a mission to spot as many things shown on the cards as possible.  Make a game of it.  Give all the cards to one lucky child or split them up and make the children hand a card back to you once it's been spotted.  The first to run out of cards wins.

If it's a rainy day, why not treat them to a game of pairs, the thinking child's game.

Children love to learn new words and to be able to identify things they see.  Children also love to play pairs, I mean, they can't win enough games of pairs, it's crazy. 

It's a simple game but it's great to see their eyes light up when they see you put a card back down and they've remembered where they saw the matching card.

We've also gone for actual photographs rather than cartoons because we feel children learn more effectively when the things they are looking at actually look like they do in real life.

And of course, we've labelled each card, so children can learn through word association the name and spelling of what's shown on the card.  

Learning through play is something that comes naturally to children if you equip them with the right tools to enable it. 

So we've updated those two old favourites of eye-spy and pairs, added our own unique design twist and created a gorgeous deck of cards.

The aim is these will encourage children to want to join you out of the house for long healthy walks because they can go around playing I Can Spot with their cards, and when they get home they will sit quietly for the afternoon to play pairs.

Stunning photography, typography and colours combine to make these two separate packs (country and town versions) a family favourite that will be used time and again.

Actual value for money, in these hard times, without compromising on fun nor design.

The cards come in a hard wearing plastic case and the cards themselves are made from a flexible plastic that is very easy to wipe clean so you can continue using them over and over even if they are dropped in the deepest muddy puddle.

Each pack contains 25 things to spot. Each card has it's identical twin, so you can play pairs when you get home. It also means a pack can be shared!

50 cards in each set, plus the front and back covers, so 52 in total.