children's change the world slogan tee
children's change the world slogan tee
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children's change the world slogan tee

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What is it: 

  • 100% super-soft cotton
  • Screen printed for long lasting, superior quality.
  • Created using Fruit of the Loom's high quality and ethically made children's t-shirts.
  • Available in sizes Medium (7-8 years), Large (9-11 years) and Extra Large (12-13 years).

What is it for:

  • It says 'I'm going to change the world' and you don't need to be a rocket science to realise that's a hell of a mission statement.
  • Any young person who wants to make things better in our world.
  • A fun way to poke fun at or encourage a character trait.

Why we love it: 

  • Made to last, using high quality material and expensive printing methods.
  • Gender neutral so if someone grows out of it...
  • Versatile enough to go with and add a splash of colour to any outfit.
  • You can wash them at 60 degrees if they get really dirty.
  • Screen printed so the colours don't run, fade or peel.
  • It's screen printed in four colours.
  • The opposite of 'fast fashion'.


Sarah says:

I wanted to create t-shirts with the same positive vibe as the I'm going to... stationery range because so many people had asked for them.  The only issue was that at the time lots of designers where having t-shirts made and companies were offering to take care of all the printing on demand, you could even let people personalise a t-shirt, and the company would print it and send it on your behalf.  The only problem was there is only so much people are willing to pay, so the companies have to squeeze where they can and invariably those at the bottom of the supply chain feel the squeeze the most. 

So you're talking poorer quality garments, cheap digital printing or transfers that peel and fade after the first wash, we're talking fast fashion basically, and let's face it, there's an ecological disaster waiting to be realised when it comes to personalising everything nowadays.  You can hardly give little Charlie a hand me down t-shirt with Joe written on it.  Let alone all the jumpers, hats, mugs, glasses, plates and heaven knows what else that you can personalise and customise if you are so inclined that can't even be given to a charity shop.

So back to the issue at hand, I thought, let's go the other way, traditional, get a very expensive, very high quality base t-shirt to start off with.  I knew what it was like having to wash my children's favourite t-shirts, trying to balance not making the t-shirts fade but at the same get the plethora of spills and fluids out.  The best method to get a design on to a t-shirt and make it stay there is screen printing.  It's much more expensive and labour intensive than digital printing and it shows wash after wash, plus it doesn't have that weird feel that transfers have.

Once I'd decided I'd go for Fruit of the Loom's most comfortable children's t-shirt, and to get them screen printed, in four colours, which is four times as much work as one black and white or one colour, as with screen printing, each colour is printed individually, so once through the machine for red, once through the machine for blue, and so on. 

Nobody produces screen printed children's t-shirts in four colour!  Digital print and transfer sure but as I've said, they don't compare to screen printed when it comes to durability or quality.  Most of the screen printed t-shirts you'll come across are etiher black or white, so normally you pick a coloured t-shirt, let's so blue, and use white only to print your design or slogan on to it. 

The only problem with that, for me, was that the original designs are full colour out of white, so I had to stay true to that, and also, anything other than white and the t-shirts are going to fade in the wash, and how horrible would they look if they were printed only in black.  White t-shirts with black writing, it would have been a lot cheaper but come on, if you can't rock the colours when you're young when can you!

So ultimately the decision was an easy one, four colour, white high quality, ethically made t-shirts and screen printing as the method, about as expensive as it gets.  So do come and see me in a few years when the oversized t-shirt you bought for your daughter to wear at night time is still her favourite pajama top, and hasn't gone all bobbly and the colours haven't run or faded or peeled off, then we'll both say "you get what you pay for I guess."

Which is true, they cost us a lot more than cheaper varities would have but they are more than worth the difference.

I hope you love them as much as I do.