you had me at new notebook - movie quote notebook
you had me at new notebook - movie quote notebook
you had me at new notebook - movie quote notebook
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you had me at new notebook - movie quote notebook

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What is it: 

  • 120mm x 90mm sized notebook
  • 120gsm paper
  • 30 pages.
  • Unlined paper.
  • Notebook lover take on a classic movie quote.

What is it for:

  • Let's be honest, it's a front cover first and a notebook second.
  • Someone who considers themselves a bit of a movie buff.
  • A lover of films and notebooks.  Not in that order preferably.

Why we love it: 

  • 120gsm paper! To put that in context, Moleskin notebooks have 70gsm paper inside.
  • It fit nicely into your pocket.
  • Film quotes and notebooks, come on, what's not to love?!!

Sarah says:

Regardless of whether you recognise the quote or not, it actually encapsulates the vibe of your average stationery addict and their relationship towards notebooks.  You can never have too many entirely unused but much loved notebooks.

The book has 30 pages of gorgeous 120gsm thick pages.

.... and if you haven't got the film reference, okay so you're terrible at film quotes, that's ok, but it is an iconic line from an iconic film, if you haven't seen it, wow, where have you been and what have you been doing, what were you doing in the mid to late 90's, honestly, inventing facebook, because that didn't exist and the world was a better place for it, anyway if you haven't seen this film, I envy you, if you haven't seen it or even if you've only seen it twice, I envy you, you go watch it again as soon as you can, what a treat for you.

Here's a hint just in case you do know it but you just need a little push.  Another quote from the movie that we couldn't quite make work was actually from the end of the apology speech that proceeds the quote "You complete me."  That's a pretty nice thing for someone to say to you isn't it, "You complete me".  Other quotes from the film include "Show me the money!" and "Did you know my next door neighbour has three rabbits?". 

Classic.  I'm gonna go dig out the dvd.  It's never on Netflix.