things to think about - lined notebook
things to think about - lined notebook
things to think about - lined notebook
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things to think about - lined notebook

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A useful place to write down your to do list and plans of how to do them, or a tongue in cheek gift to someone who tends to put things off.  Either way it'll make them smile.

In my humble opinion if something's worth doing it's worth doing right.  And if it's to be done right, then it's going to take some time to think about doing it, the how's, where's and when's of it, these things take time and time doesn't grow on tree's as far as I know. 

Plans for DIY, gardening, particularly impressive suppers, what to do about that thing you're trying not to think about, all take a lot of thought and a great deal of procrastination in my experience.

The idea behind this range is 'Perfect notebooks for every person' - which works because they are 'perfect bound' notebooks and also there's a title suitable for all the different personalities types you will come across.

We think they will make great gifts to friends and family, and are bound to raise a smile.

Pages: 80

Paper: Lined

Size: A5 or A6