how's my writing? - sweary notebook
how's my writing? - sweary notebook
how's my writing? - sweary notebook
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how's my writing? - sweary notebook

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What is it: 

  • 120mm x 90mm sized notebook
  • 120gsm paper
  • 30 pages.
  • Lined paper.

What or who is it for:

  • Let's be honest, it's a front cover first and a notebook second.
  • Someone who enjoys obscure American style bumper stickers and considers themselves to be a talented writer.
  • A talented writer who doesn't care what people think.  Actually, an untalented writer would probably find this of more use.
  • Anyone who enjoys writing, swearing and the colour yellow.

Why we love it: 

  • 120gsm paper! To put that in context, Moleskin notebooks have 70gsm paper inside.
  • It fit nicely into your pocket.
  • It's a way of saying something that isn't easily inserted in to a conversation naturally, but if you know the person and they know you, this little notebook could be the vehicle that delivers the message that makes them smile.

Sarah says:

Sometimes you just need a sweary notebook! Sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself and say 'you know what, I couldn't care less what anyone thinks'.

Is there a better way to remind yourself of that than a little notebook? I imagine there is but can it fit in your pocket?

This great little gift for someone who wants to be a writer and much more useful than a card!

As always with these unique notebooks, great gifts for stationery lovers who can never have too many new and different notebooks to add to their collection.