How to be a Geek

How to tell if you are a geek - Little Notebook
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Price: £3.75



Part of our 'How to...' range of stationery gifts for teenagers and the young at heart.  (Entirely useless) instructions on 21st Century dilemmas and problems.  

If you know someone who reads ridiculously fat books, plays with dice that have more than 6 sides or are simply a little too fanatical about Star Wars, then this is a perfect little gift for them. Because let's face it, geeks love notebooks too (we know about these things).  

Our very own two little boys play Magic the Gathering, League of Legends, Dungeons and Dragons, not sports at all, note even Wii sports, so we feel your pain ;)

Size: A6

Binding: Spiral bound

Pages: 40

Paper: Lined