Survive University - A4 Writing Pad

Funny Gifts for University Students - Writing Pad for Notes
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Price: £5.50



Bold graphics and (entirely useless) instructions for surviving university - we've covered everything including warnings on Freshers Week, befriending the right people and visiting home often for restocking of essentials. All a bit of fun, but then so is going off to university right? 

You can picture the scene can't you, sitting in a lecture hall on the first day of university, nervous, out comes the refill pad to make your notes on, the one that was given to you as a gift by that wonderfully thoughtful person you love dearly, and the person sitting next to you can't help noticing it, they say they've never seen anything like it before, you say it was given to you as a gift by a wonderfully thoughtful person, and just like that, the ice is broken and you've made your first university friend.  If it happens to be a really clever person who's notes you can make use of, all the better.

A4 Jotter with lined paper and pre-punched holes plus perforations so that you can pop your notes into the ringbinder.

If you're feeling generous, you can add the matching ringbinder and save yourself £2 (of course, you can always give the intended recipient the saving - they could probably do with a packet of biscuits or two!).

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a text book on surviving university nor a leave in the loo gathering dust funny book to ponder whilst you poo.  It is a fully functioning item of stationery, essential for any student, anyone with a need to look like they are taking down note, and it has very funny pictures on front cover.