Coffee Table Book - Volumes 1 & 2

Educational Gifts for Kids - Coffee Table Book of Interesting Facts for Children - Bundle Offer
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Beautiful big book of photographs, facts and questions to spark the imagination.

We love the idea of children being empowered by learning through effortless enjoyment.  

Children's innate creativity is inspired by learning new things for no other reason than the fun of it.

We hope this book will keep children engaged and maybe even inspire them to look at the world with fresh eyes.

There's not a stock photograph to be seen, it's all original artwork to inspire original thoughts and conversations.

At Two Little Boys we believe children deserve quality. We don't believe age is a factor in the appreciation of beauty or meaning.

We believe children deserve the same quality design that adults would expect. We don't believe in talking down to them. We believe children are more than capable of making their own judgments on the world around them and we try to facilitate that.

With this book we're trying to encourage children to have fun being imaginative and thoughtful and silly and slightly surreal. We've hand picked some fantastic high quality photographs from Sarah's huge library and we've added some facts, some conversation starters and some straight forward "what do you imagine?" questions.

You can dump this book in front of them and their natural curiosity will mean that they are picking up little snippets of quite random information and turning it into knowledge by being forced to question, or simply form, their own opinion about something that they previously would never have taken an interest in.

Hardcover. Glossy internal pages.

Size: 29cm x 38cm