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Things I know but will probably forget - funny notebook
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Have you ever forgotten something?  Ever thought of something brilliant and forgotten what it was?  Need I say more, really?  I'm going to say more regardless. 

People think people don't write things down anymore, that everything is on a device or up in a cloud somewhere, but and perhaps it's just me, but I don't know how to take someone's phone number down while I'm talking on my mobile, I've heard say it's possible but these things are not for me. 

Pen and paper that's the safe bet.  You know where you are with those and if you forget all about it, there it is in black and white.  A great gift to give anyone who is famously forgetful.

Or just a funny way to make someone who is known to be quite forget think 'Oh you know me so well'. 

It's great to leave beside a bedside table so jot down those insights and ideas we all have just before we all fall asleep and forget them forever.

With so many titles in the range, there’s a title for each of us and everyone we know.

The idea behind this range is 'Perfect notebooks for every person' - which works because they are 'perfect bound' notebooks and also there's a title suitable for all the different personalities types you will come across.

We think they will make great gifts to friends and family, and are bound to raise a smile.

Size: A5

Pages: 80

Paper: Lined