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Things I plan to do but probably won't get around to - funny notebook
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Have you ever had a plan?  Have you ever had a plan that panned out exactly as you planned?  Have you ever planned to do something and through no fault of your own you completely forgot about it? 

Have you ever planned to do something and through entirely your own fault you didn't do it at all?   Like having a mental to do list that never really gets done, have you got one of those? 

We all have, let's be honest, here if no where else.  No one's really listening.  It's just you and me and to be honest with you, I was meant to update this page ages ago!  Those images don't really do the notebook justice.

This is the notebook where the front cover itself guilt trips you into doing those things you plan to do!

A great gift for anyone with a busy life, which is pretty much everyone nowadays.

With so many titles in the range, there’s a title for each of us and everyone we know.

The idea behind this range is 'Perfect notebooks for every person' - which works because they are 'perfect bound' notebooks and also there's a title suitable for all the different personalities types you will come across.

We think they will make great gifts to friends and family, and are bound to raise a smile.


Size: A5

Pages: 80

Paper: Lined