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Things to worry about when I have nothing better to do - funny notebook
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A lighthearted gift for someone you know who has a lot on their plate.  Make them smile and forget all their worries - or at least write them down and exorcise them.

Someone once said "Don't worry, be happy" which is all fine and good except for the fact that there are so many things that worry me nowadays!  And that's without going out the front door or checking my bank balance! 

Just watching the news can be quite terrifying!  But then I am a worrier.  Left alone to my own devices, I'll definitely find some little thing to worry about.

I've heard a problem shared is a problem halved but in my experience a problem shared simply creates another problem. 

So what I suggest is writing down all your worries in this book, and by doing so exorcising them. 

By the time you've written it down and made sense of it in a concise way, it's far less worrying, especially as you know if it was anything major, well, you wouldn't have time to be writing about it would you, so it can't be all that bad can it, just things to worry about when there's nothing good on telly.

The idea behind this range is 'Perfect notebooks for every person' - which works because they are 'perfect bound' notebooks and also there's a title suitable for all the different personalities types you will come across.

With so many titles in the range, there’s a title for each of us and everyone we know.

We think they will make great gifts to friends and family, and are bound to raise a smile.

Size: A6

Pages: 80

Paper: Lined