Gonna Need a Bigger Notebook

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Notebook - Jaws Movie Quote Notebook
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Price: £3.50



So... maybe you don't get the reference.  Maybe you think it's from Calendar Girls (buns), or originally from Jaws (boat). Regardless of whether you recognise the quote or not, we love the humour in this, little pocket sized notebook for stationery geeks and film buffs alike.  

The shark fin reference in the illustration is simply a nod to the genuis of Steven Speilberg.  

The rest is all us here at 2LB HQ who are shamlessly stationery and film addicts.

As always with these unique notebooks, great gifts for stationery lovers who can never have too many new and different notebooks to add to their collection.

The book has 30 pages of gorgeous 120gsm sketch book thick blank pages. 

To put 120gsm into context good quality printer paper is 80gsm.

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