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6 Glitter Pin Badges For Best Friends

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A set of six glitter pins, ideal for sharing with your besties!

Chin Up Tits Out - It's All Good

This is a message for any woman who sometimes needs to be reminded to stand up tall and puff out their chest and take on the world the way we know they can.

A strong message of believing in yourself and fun way to remind someone that you believe in them and they should believe in themselves as expressed on the backing card:

Chin up, tits out to start your day
When things are shit it's the only way
Pin this somewhere so you can read
these words of wisdom for you to heed
Facing it all as we know we should
eventually leads to "it's all good."

Big Girl Pants On - Bring It.

A powerful of message of inner strength on a beautiful glitter enamel pin badge that makes a great gift.

  "Whenever you're facing a challenge ahead
don't hide in the corner or go back to bed.
Let this pin be the thing that reminds you today
that things will be fine and you'll be okay.
Wherever you wear it, wear it with pride
knowing I'm there, right by your side"


Duelling Demons Daily

Who doesn't love a bit of alliteration!  Another glitter pin in the range that comes on a backing card with a rhyme that we think sums things up quite nicely right now. 

A pin that is so relateable and a perfect 'pick me up' or 'just because' gift for a friend who needs to know that you know... ya know?!

Alternatively, wear it yourself just to show people that sometimes they should just back TF up with their negativity or lean in with some comfort.... it's all up for the taking right now!!

"It’s the invisible ones that hurt the most
those dreaded demons that haunt like a ghost
don’t let the buggers get their way
keep on fighting them every day
you’re not alone and they’ll not win
especially now that you’ve got your pin!"

All The Feels

"There can be so many feelings         
                            to encounter each day,
It can be difficult to know if it’ll all be ok
The world overwhelms the very best of us
and we’ll carry on going without a fuss
so here is a pin to show you I know
that sometimes those feels can overflow"

Fuck This Shit

This little hard enamel pin badge titled ‘Fuck This Shit’ can often be the only way to sum everything up.

It comes with a backing card that we hope will say it all to the recipient.  We're not the best at poems, but sometimes "Fuck This Shit" really are the three most life affirming words!

Awesome AF

That means you're awesome as fuck!

But by just saying AF you don't have to hide this pin badge from children or anyone easily offended! It's also in mirror writing so that every time you glance your reflection you'll be reminded that someone thinks you're Awesome AF!

This is a message for anyone who sometimes needs to be reminded to believe in themselves and walk tall, taking everything life throws at them in their stride.

The way we know they can but maybe they sometimes doubt.

As we all do now and again but we don't all have amazing friends and family to support us.

The backing card this enamel pin badge comes with says:

"Look in the mirror; I hope you’ll agree
these are words of truth you can see
Check out your face and read the pin
This is how your day should always begin
Even if that day goes on to suck
Remember that you’reas awesome AF"

Why we love these
  • Hard Enamel Pins
  • Glitter Sparkles
  • Inspiring Slogan
  • Unique Design
  • Size of Each Pin: 2.5cm Diameter

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