boss - slogan porcelain mug
boss - slogan porcelain mug

boss - slogan porcelain mug

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Whether it's for your husband (because he thinks he's in charge), your son or your 8 year old daughter who spends her life with her hands on her hips telling everyone what to do, or even for your ACTUAL boss, our beautiful boss porcelain mug would make a perfect gift.  

Nothing like a bit of affirmation every single day with your morning brew!

Part of our 'I'm going to...' range, do check out all of our other 'boss' gifts.

Ours mugs are made of porcelain, hail from Stoke on Trent and hold approximately 350ml.  That's 20ml more than a standard can of coke.  I'm not suggesting you use this beautifully crafted porcelain mug to drink a can of coke from, but you could, if you wanted to.

Height 900mm
Diameter 800mm