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Bundle 2 - Remind You of Anyone Keyrings

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Bundle of 6 keyrings to share with friends - just be careful picking which title is for who - the really interesting thing to do is see which one they would have picked for themselves before you reveal which you picked for them!!!

These keyrings are a little bit of fun designed to send to friends as a tongue-in-cheek "remind you of anyone??" gift.

The titles included are:

Hardly Sarky At All

Somewhat Sweary & Remarkably Articulate

A Little Judgy Yet Often Right

A Tad Arsey & Simply Lovely

Super Gifted & Easily Distracted

Unbelievably Bossy & Getting Shit Done


Why we love it

  • Hard Enamel Keyring
  • Funny Slogan
  • Unique Design
  • Size: 2.5cm Diameter

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