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I Am Not Led, I Lead Latin Motto Coaster

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Classic coaster featuring original artwork featuring an motivational motto in Latin.

Non Ducor, Duco means I am not led, I lead.

It says I am not led, I lead but in Latin.

Perfect gift for any one does things their own way and doesn't just follow the crowd.

Great for someone who is going through a tough time and might really like to be reminded that their individuality is respected and appreciated.

Why we love it: 

  • It's completely unique and has a heartfelt message.
  • It's motivational and inspirational without being cheesy, because Latin is never cheesy.  Nerdy maybe, but never cheesy.
  • It adds colour and attitude to any desk, mantlepiece or table.
  • It's original and not something you'll see everywhere.
  • Sized  10cm x 10cm.

Non Ducor, Duco is Latin for 'I am not led, I lead' which is a great message nowadays when it is so easy to simply assimilate and lose your sense of individuality.  This is for those who don't just follow the herd.

A great way to express individuality, the artwork is completely original and the coaster is very high quality and should come in very handy the next time you sit down with a glass of wine and someone mocks you for using a coaster because they don't think you should care about a few rings on a coffee table, you can say, hey, you might not use coasters but here we play by my rules.

An original and really thoughtful way to let someone know how well you know them.

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