Make Each Day Count - Japanese Motto - Enamel Pin
Make Each Day Count - Japanese Motto - Enamel Pin
Make Each Day Count - Japanese Motto - Enamel Pin
Make Each Day Count - Japanese Motto - Enamel Pin
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Make Each Day Count - Japanese Motto - Enamel Pin

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What is it: 

  • Cherry Blossom design hard enamel pin.
  • Inspirational Japanese motto.

What is it for:

  • It says One Life, One Encounter, in Japanese. 
  • Perfect gift for to remind someone to make each day count.
  • Great for someone is starting a new chapter in their life, meeting lots of new people, going to new places, which can be quite scary at first.
  • Lovely way to remind someone you love that you believe in them and they should believe in themselves.

Why we love it: 

  • It's completely unique and has a powerful message of inner strength.
  • It adds colour and attitude to any denim jacket or bag.
  • It's means you can walk around with a secret message very few people will actually be able to read.
  • It's original and not something you'll see everyone else wearing.


Cherry Blossom featuring the Japanese idiom "Ichi-go ichi-e" - 'One Life, One Encounter'.

The concept of treasuring the unrepeatable nature of each unique moment.

The term reminds us to cherish any gathering that they may take part in, acknowledging the fact that any moment in life can't be repeated.

Getting together with family and friends, that particular gathering, can never be replicated, each trip to the pub or dinner party is a unique experience, made all the more unique by the people we share it with, and in that way, each moment is always a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our friends and family are what matters most to us and this little pin is a constant reminder to cherish every get together and gathering.

All we have in life is the moment we are currently experiencing.

Ichi-go ichi-e is associated with Zen Buddhism and concepts of transience.

Particularly linked with the Japanese tea ceremony, it is often brushed onto scrolls which are then hung in the tea room.

Part of our new range of Japanese designs.

Transience - To remind us of the fleeting nature of each moment we have paired Cherry Blossom with the Japanese idiom meaning ‘One Life, One Encounter’ which encourages us to cherish each unique moment.

Balance - Two Koi swimming in perfect harmony accentuates the message ‘Beloved Person’ embroidered in Japanese. A wonderful way to let someone know they are very much loved, whilst promoting the importance of harmony and balance in our lives.

Resilience - Perhaps the most dramatic of all is the Great Wave, brilliantly embodying the Japanese motto ‘Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight’ which, with elegant simplicity conveys the importance of never giving up.

Hard Enamel Pin.

Size: 2.5cm diameter.

Customer Reviews

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Gilly Mayer
Great enamel pins - lovely sentiment

I ordered four enamel pins, 2 for my son and 2 for my daughter. Great product, good quality and lovely sentiment.

Heather Jones
Beautiful and excellent quality

Love this enamel pin. Thank you.