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"Love Not Because, But Despite" Polish Enamel Pin - Kocha Się Nie Za Cos, Lecz Pomimo Wszystko

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Treat yourself or make someone else smile today.

This enamel pin says "kocha się nie za cos, lecz pomimo wszystko" in Polish which translates as "you love not for anything, but despite everything" in English which we've shortened to the simple but ever so important "love, not because but despite."

Not that we're promoting remaining in toxic relationships (not by a long chalk) but sometimes, a bit of uncondtional love can be a thing of beauty and when I heard this Polish saying, I knew I had to put it on a pin.  I, for one love the people around me despite some things... you know, like eating noisily, snoring, not loading the dishwasher properly, leaving belongings all over the place, being late... you get the gist.  And I'm really very relieved that they love me despite a much longer list of human failings!!

It's a wonderful saying that I feel is perhaps being forgotten - or possibly just not being verbalised - as the divorce rate lowers, perhaps we are actually doing this already with great success (or the divorce rate statistic is merely because there are now way too many very unhappy people who can't afford to split... I'll leave the socio-economic shitshow for another time). 

Makes a wonderful gift from a parent to son or daughter as an engagement gift or a moving-in together present or something on a wedding anniversary.  I think it's a beautiful sentiment.

Why we love it

  • Hard Enamel Pin
  • Size: 2.5cm diameter
  • Unique design
  • Inspiring message

A little pick me up gift to send through the post (we can handwrite a message for you).

These hard enamel pins come with a backing card that provides the Polish, the English translation and the theme that we have assigned to each pin.

Once they belong to you and you're wearing them they mean whatever they mean to you and that's really kinda the point.

Part of our much expanded "Word Apothecary" TM range of wisdom from around the World... the healing power of words and the need to send love.

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