I am Loved - Latin Motto - Enamel Pin
I am Loved - Latin Motto - Enamel Pin
I am Loved - Latin Motto - Enamel Pin
I am Loved - Latin Motto - Enamel Pin
Two Little Boys Ltd

I am Loved - Latin Motto - Enamel Pin

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What is it: 

  • Enamel Pin.
  • Inspirational Latin motto.
  • Hard Enamel (soft enamel is cheaper to make but less durable).

What is it for:

  • It says "I am Loved" in Latin.
  • Someone who needs to be reminded they are loved.
  • Someone going through a tough time who needs a lift.
  • A way of telling someone they are loved without being cheesy.
  • It's completely original and not something you'll see everyone else wearing.

Why we love it: 

  • It's a heartfelt way of supporting someone.
  • Everyone needs to be loved.
  • It adds colour and attitude to any denim jacket or bag.
  • It means you can walk around with a secret message very few people will actually be able to read.

Part of our kick-ass tattoo range, these enamel pin badges make for perfect gifts with positive messages of empowerment and love without being too soppy.  

This pin badge says 'Amata Sum' which translates from Latin to English as 'I am Loved'.  A constant reminder that you are loved by friends, family, whoever, the person who bought you this pin, or maybe you bought it yourself.  One thing we should say is due to the nature of Latin as a language, this particular phrase is only really to be used when the person who is loved is female.

Sarah designed this range for her sassy daughter, the sister to the 2littleboys.  A young woman with no time for pink nor cursive writing, she can walk around with a pin badge that says ‘loved’, ‘she flies with her own wings’ or ‘I am not led, I lead’ - that all happen to be in latin, so they’re sort of secret which makes them extra special.  

Each pin comes very neatly attached to its own backing card with the english translation prominently displayed (just in case you don’t speak fluent latin).

Do note that these are ‘hard’ enamel pins.  They’re polished flat so none of that ‘bumpy’ feel that you’ll find on the cheaper soft enamel pins.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Knowles

Beautiful pin, fabulous delivery (on time)
I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! The fact it’s also from a small business makes it even more special. Will definitely purchase more! Thank you

Emma Crofts
I am loved Badge

Perfect gifts for our four daughters this valentines. They range from 18-10 and all so different in personalities but the simple statement and retro style will suit them all. Great badges.