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Make Each Day Count - Fully Embroidered Japanese Motto with Cherry Blossom - Vintage Levi's Denim Jacket

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These Jackets are truly one of a kind, hand selected, vintage and totally unique. 

With that in mind it might be easier for you to send us your sizing requirements and we can show you which jackets we have that suit your needs.

What is it: 

  • Lovingly hand sourced, reimagined and remade Levi Denim Jacket
  • Inspirational Buddhist Zen Motto embroidered with approximately 90,000 stitches

What is it for:

  • It says "One Life, One Encounter" but in Japanese, so it says it, but doesn't scream it.  The English translation is sewn into the inside waist band - we have interpreted the meaning as 'Make Every Second Count'
  • It's a stunning and colourful blossom design on the back of a Levi jacket.  A wearable statement in the 'code' of Japanese.  
  • It's a great gift for someone who needs to be reminded of their awesomeness and of how unique they are. 
  • No jacket is perfect, so enjoy the imperfections as part of the unique experience of wearing a remade item of Levi clothing.  
  • Each jacket is unique. Often vintage, it is entirely ethically sourced, fully laundered and then embroidered by us in London.  

Why we love it: 

  • It ticks all the boxes for us.  Ecological, utterly unique, stunning to look at and a true statement.
  • It's a Levi jacket, so you can be sure that the cut and quality of the base jacket is going to be awesome. 
  • It means you can walk around with a semi-secret message on your back (unless you are Japanese, or can read Japanese, in which case it's not a secret at all)



  • Levi jackets sourced in the UK
  • Designed in our London Studio
  • Embroidered in London
  • Japanese phrase translates to 'make every second count' 

Please note that jacket #06 is not stained at the bottom - it's shadow that I can't remove from the photograph!!  The jacket has a slight stretch to it and is super flattering.

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