Remember to Live - Latin Motto - Coaster
Remember to Live - Latin Motto - Coaster
Remember to Live - Latin Motto - Coaster
Remember to Live - Latin Motto - Coaster
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Remember to Live - Latin Motto - Coaster

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What is it: 

  • Classic coaster featuring original artwork featuring an motivational motto in Latin.
  • Memento Vivere means Remember to Live.
    • Sized  10cm x 10cm.

    What is it and Who is it for:

    • It says Remember to Live but in Latin. 
    • Perfect gift for any awesome woman struggling to balance all the demands on their time that modern life throws at us. 
    • A great motto to remind us that we need to make time for the important stuff.
    • Just an original and really thoughtful way to remind someone not to sweat the small stuff.

    Why we love it: 

    • It's completely unique and has a powerful message of trying to take back control of how you spend the one priceless commodity we all have, our time.
    • It's motivational and inspirational without being cheesy, because Latin is never cheesy.  Nerdy maybe, but never cheesy.
    • It adds colour and attitude to any desk, mantlepiece or wall.
    • It's original and not something you'll see everywhere.

    Memento Vivere is Latin for 'Remember to Live' which is a very empowering message that you can gift to someone to let them know how much you believe in them, make them feel special or treat yourself to.

    A great way to express individuality, the artwork is completely original and the coaster is very high quality and should come in very handy the next time you sit down too quickly with a mug of tea and it spills over the edge, it's annoying but when you have an easy wipe clean coaster, reminding you of what's important you can learn to let go of the little things.