Seize the Day - Luxury Gift Box
Seize the Day - Luxury Gift Box
Seize the Day - Luxury Gift Box
Seize the Day - Luxury Gift Box
Seize the Day - Luxury Gift Box
Seize the Day - Luxury Gift Box
Seize the Day - Luxury Gift Box

Seize the Day - Luxury Gift Box

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What is it: 
  • Luxury Gift Box
  • Inspirational Latin Motto.
  • Contains Four Quality Gifts
  • 1 x artisan chocolate bar handmade in Cornwall.
  • 1 x hard enamel pin badge.

  • 1 x mounted motivational unframed a5 print

  • 1 x gloss finish coaster

  •  Box Size: 23.5cm x 17cm x 5.5cm

What is it and Who is it for:

  • It says Seize the Day but in Latin, probably the most well known Latin phrase of all time.
  • A great gift for someone off to university or starting a new career.
  • Something to say good luck with your exams.
  • It's a powerful message of trying to take back control of how you spend your time, to make each day count, to make today the day you begin to make your dream come true.
  • Just an original and really thoughtful way to tell someone that you care about them.

Why we love it: 

  • It's unique and has a motivational and hopefully inspirational message.
  • It's motivational and inspirational without being cheesy, because Latin is never cheesy.  It can be confusing but never cheesy.
  • It adds colour and attitude to any day.
  • The products are completely original and not something you'll see everywhere.
  • Makes whoever opens it feel very special and much loved.


A unique gift box for a unique person.

Treat someone to a not so little box of treasures.

Whether it's to celebrate the start of a journey, road to recovery, new phase of life or just to tell a friend or loved one that they are awesome, this beautiful box will see them smiling for sure.

The box itself comes with a bellyband that you can add a personalised message to. 

Once openend branded tissue paper conceals an array of motivational and inspirational gifts, featuring the Latin motto "Carpe Diem" which translates as "Seize the Day" as I'm sure you are well aware.  I like to think of it as a call to arms for all of us dreamers that we need to start today if we are going to make something happen for ourselves.  It means something different to everyone though, it means something different to me depending on my mood, that's the beauty of it.

This wonderful box of gifts with positive messages of empowerment and love are utterly original and inspiring without being overly soppy. 

Carpe Diem is Latin for 'Seize the Day' which is a very famous and empowering message that you can gift to someone to let them know how much you believe in them, make them feel special or treat yourself to.