She Flies With Her Own Wings - Coaster
She Flies With Her Own Wings - Coaster
She Flies With Her Own Wings - Coaster
She Flies With Her Own Wings - Coaster

She Flies With Her Own Wings - Coaster

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What is it: 

  • Classic coaster featuring original artwork featuring an motivational motto in Latin.
  • Alis Volat Propriis means She Flies With Her Own Wings.
    • Sized  10cm x 10cm.

    What is it and Who is it for:

    • It says She Flies With Her Own Wings but in Latin. 
    • Perfect gift for any awesome woman. 
    • Great for someone moving on to new adventures including university, a new job or even just growing up and beginning to make their own way in the world, spilling drinks on things they actually have to clean up themselves - that's when you wish you had a coaster, when you actually picked out the coffee table you've just ruined.
    • Just an original and really thoughtful way to remind someone that you believe in them and they should believe in themselves.

    Why we love it: 

    • It's completely unique and has a powerful message of inner strength.
    • It's motivational and inspirational without being cheesy, because Latin is never cheesy.  Nerdy maybe, but never cheesy.
    • It adds colour and attitude to any desk, mantlepiece or coffee table.
    • It's original and not something you'll see everywhere.

    Alis Volat Propriis is Latin for 'She Flies with Her Own Wings' which is a very empowering message that you can gift to someone to let them know how much you believe in them, make them feel special or treat yourself to.

    A great way to express individuality, the artwork is completely original and the coaster is very high quality and should come in very handy the next time you sit down with a drink of any temperature other than room. 

    Apart from that this coaster with it's Latin motivational motto just elevates the whole experience - you're not drinking in the afternoon, you're reading Latin, you're flying with your own wings, you're doing what makes you happy, you're not ruining the furniture, you're absolutely crushing it.