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The Anniversary Book

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Why we love it

  • Unique Paper 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift
  • Allows couples to effortlessly record their journey together
  • Room to record from Wedding to the 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • Suitable for all couples
  • Spiral bound so it can fully open and lay flat
  • Size: 23 x 23 cm
  • Free 48hr Royal Mail Shipping

What other customers say about this product:

"Perfect 1st anniversary present for my wife."

"Excellent first wedding anniversary book"

"As above! Would recommend this company."

"It was a delightful gift, well made and will give years of memories for the future."

What we say and how it works:

A perfect gift for the happy couple who have everything.

This unique gift can be given to the lucky couple on their wedding day or as a 1st Anniversary gift.

Each year on your anniversary bring out your Anniversary Book and write a passage about the year you've shared together, select your favourite photograph from the year and finally each make a promise to the other for the year ahead.

Within a tiny amount of time, and with no real effort, you've created a unique history of your lives together that your children and even grandchildren will get emotional looking through - if you allow them to that is!

Created to accompany and document a marriage through the years, the book begins with How We Met (there's space for both versions of this story) and contains that all important list of anniversary symbols - 1st anniversary is paper.

With pages for an annual photograph and space to note down any thoughts you have as you reflect on your past year as well as wishes and promises for the next year together. This book is designed to last for fifty years because you shouldn't walk down the aisle expecting any less!

It has a very thick front cover to keep the pages within safe and comes with a plastic case to keep it in.

A wonderful rediscovery every year as you look back on years and one day, decades of wedded bliss.

Highly quality thick card cover that will stand the test of time. Thick paper for internal pages. Plastic case to keep the book safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Deborah Rice
Very nice quality keep sake

Lovely 1st wedding anniversary gift

Bought as a gift but have one ourselves

Bought this as a first anniversary gift for a family member. We bought one ourselves 9 years ago and are already enjoying looking back through our own brief paragraphs of what was important to us each year. Will hopefully, eventually, become a lovely family keepsake to pass onto our children - a short history of their parents’ life together.

Great present!

I bought one of these for my daughters first/paper wedding anniversary and loved it so much I’ve just bought another for my sons first wedding anniversary!

Katie Price
Fantastic gift for wedding or anniversary

We bought a copy for ourselves on our 1st anniversary and it was a brilliant purchase. It is so fun to fill it in and look back on where you were each anniversary and to keep you going for many more years. Such a gorgeous gift for a newlywed couple, I will be purchasing another book soon for my sister in law and her fiancee for their own wedding and anniversaries. Such a thoughtful gift that any new couple will appreciate. Very sturdy too. Not flimsy. You can feel and see the quality

Catherine Batten
The Anniversary Book

Really nice book, bought as an Anniversary present for 1st Wedding Anniversary. Really nice gift