The Family Yearbook
The Family Yearbook
The Family Yearbook
The Family Yearbook
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The Family Yearbook

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The Family Yearbook. The perfect gift for any family.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, Eid, Diwali, Hannukah or if you simply have an annual get-together for no other reason than to see each other, this is the perfect gift to keep precious memories alive.

Year on year, watch your children's (and your own) aspirations for the forthcoming year change, check out momentous events from previous years and even look back on when your daughter finally beat you at chess.  Please read the inside front cover (the turquoise image above) to give you the best idea of why the Family Yearbook is a perfect gift for any family.

Beautifully packaged to withstand the years. It's put away each year and becomes a delightful rediscovery each year as the festivities begin.

A simple yet perfect way to record your family's life for future generations.

This book is designed to be filled with twenty five years worth of annual memories. Each year has four pages. Room for a photo from the day and details about what you are celebrating, where and with whom you spent the day with on one double page spread and, on the other double page spread you can pass it around and allow everyone to write their own message.

It's thick front cover page is designed to withstand any spills or drops that might occur. It also has its own case to keep it safe during its hibernation months. We hope you love it as much as we do.

High quality thick card used for cover pages, to stand the test of time. Thick paper for internal pages. Plastic case to keep the book safe. Spiral bound.

Size: 23 x 23 cm