The School Leavers Book
The School Leavers Book
Two Little Boys Ltd

The School Leavers Book

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The School Leavers Book is a great way to capture memories of what is a really big moment in their history.

48 pages to fill with the creative genius and profound jottings that only school leavers can excel in!

With room for teachers' notes as well as photos and the time honoured questionnaires "Most likely to be... (prime minister/rockstar et al).

A book to have a good cry over at any school leavers age and revisit with pure nostalgia over time.

Whether it's big school or little school leaving is a huge step.

Take this book in on your last day and you'll have a wonderful and unique keepsake to look back on and show your own children one day when they are nervous about their first day of school!

There's 60 pages in total.

4 pages at the start for the owner.

17 pages about your fellow students.

21 'graffiti' pages for fellow students, that are used for either photos, doodles, signatures or messages.

4 'graffiti' pages for teachers.


15 x 10cm