Children's Christmas Activity Book

Christmas Activity Book for Children at the Dinner Table
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Something to keep you happy when the grown ups are being really boring at the dinner table - The Christmas Version. 

The original and still the very best children's activity book for their stockings this Christmas.

Christmas lunch is the WORST time for dull, boring talking that carries on long after the sprouts have gone cold or been fed to the dog. So, as you're watching your children walk up to their place at the table with a heavy heart, check out the smiles on their faces when they see this fun book to keep them happy. Really!

We're not lying to you, this book is seriously jam packed with fun stuff for them to do. It's got some very silly stuff in there too, but you'll just have to own one to see what we mean.

When the parents are with the other grown-ups preparing for the main event of Christmas lunch, or in a post lunch stupor, generally speaking, all they do is talk and talk and talk and it's usually about really boring stuff and they usually want the kids to sit there for hours and hours.

With this book and a couple of pencils, children can get on with the serious business of listening to your conversation as they play word bingo, complete a word-search or take part in a bit of colouring in during those come-down hours of the festive season, when all the presents have been opened and disgarded and you simply can't face any more cake.

A perfect way to keep children entertained over the holidays.

Add the matching colouring pencil set for an extra treat.

We have also launched (after many requests) a version of this book "for little ones who can't really read yet" - do check it out if you have toddlers who would like something similar to their older sibling!

This book contains 20 pages of activities and is suitable for ages 3-103.

Thick paper used for book. Spiral bound.

Size: 21.5 x 15 cm