Book of Mindlessness Vol 2.

Adults Anti Mindfulness Book Full of Rude and Silly Games
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Designed as a foil to the wealth of mindful colouring books, we think that fun is actually what’s missing!  The ‘Something to keep you happy when everyone else is being really boring’ books are to be used with a tongue very firmly lodged in cheek with ‘Cosmo’ style questionnaires including ‘Are you annoying?” 

Crosswords and word searches of ‘perfectly innocent words’, fill the blanks stories and lots of colouring in, because bugs are so much fun to colour, and who cares if you make it look pretty or not!

Perfect gift for teenagers, secret Santa’s and mates who wouldn’t mind playing games where being the best liar is the winner (and should therefore never be trusted again).

Activities include crossword, word search, maze, spot the difference, fill in the gaps story, truth or lie, design your own pharma, jeopardy, crocodile and word bingo.  Hours and hours of fun for people who don't take life too seriously and like a laugh.

Measures 20cm x 20cm and has 18 inner pages of gorgeously thick paper which may not mean much to most, but when you like stationery as much as we do - you'll know 120gsm uncoated stock is just great to write/draw on.